V2.30 - V2.33 - Change Log (2/29/06)
We are please to announce the release StationRipper 2.30.  This release has a lot of new enhancements and fixes, please read below for more information.
  • New improved track cutting.  Right click on a Station and select "File splitting and single stream..".  This will bring up a screen where you can adjust how much buffer space StationRipper uses to find the breaks between songs, and you can add extra pieces of the song to the start and end.
  • Station Help.  StationRipper will, by default, attempt to tune the best settings for you.  Right now, that means a much longer buffer to find the start and end of songs.  Note:  This means you will see more buffer when you first start to record a song.
  • Single Stream.  You can now tell StationRipper to save all the music from a Station in a single stream, telling it how long to record for, for each MP3 file.  StationRipper will also save a CUE file, listing all the track changes it detected.
  • Album Art.  StationRipper will now download Album art for you.  The album art will display on the main screen, and you can click on the art to get more info and to see what others are recording.  If you click on "Record" on the list of what others are recording, you can start recording what others are.  More info here
  • Record History.  Wonder why you're getting "29 finished out of 35"? Just click the question mark next to this info, and StationRipper will let you know what happened with each song.
  • Yahoo Podcast are now available (click on "Yahoo Podcasts" on the upper right of the mains screen).
  • Song name Filter.  BETA: You can have a rules file that will tell StationRipper to ignore certain strings in song names.  For example, if a station keeps changing the song to "Total User: 100", you could tell StationRipper to not count that as a song change.
  • Tutorial.  A tutorial button is on the main window - this will soon bring you to a introduction on using StationRipper.
  • Improved French Translation.
  • First version of the German Translation (will be complete in V2.31).

We've also made a bunch of fixes.  Some of them include:

  • "Copy on Exit" is no longer a option - the same rules that are normally applied will be done on exit.  That is, if you have "Copy Incomplete" set, recording will stop, songs will be copied, and StationRipper will exit.
  • Minimum song size is now in K, not bytes.
  • Improved internal buffering and relaying of streams.