StationRipper V2.70B - Record

This release of StationRipper allows you to record any number of stations. allows you to refine what music you are getting, and can learn your music taste - creating a station that plays only the music it thinks you may like. 

StationRipper allows you to record all of those custom stations - it will record each one, creating a MP3 for each song, titled with the Song name and Band Name, along with the Album art. 

The MP3 it creates is unhindered - you can play it with any player, put it on your iPod - whatever you want to do with it. 

You can download StationRipper here.

The site is displayed inside of StationRipper.  You login and use the site as you normally would - but when you click on a station to listen to, StationRipper will start recording whatever you clicked on.


A user can only listen/record one station at a time - so if you want to record more than one, you can set up more than one user ID.

Clicking on the icon anywhere on the site will start recording that station.  You can record  the User Tag Radio...

Or create a station of similar music and record it...

Or record popular tags....

Or record Features Stations.  This includes your custom Radio station... and the songs that you've indicated that you like!

Video of StationRipper V2.70 Running for 2 Hours, recording

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