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We'd be glad to help you get support, but first you might want to try a few things:

  • Just need some help? Please take a look at the help pages

  • A lot of times StationRipper can tell you what the problem is - take a look at this to see how to ask it what's wrong.

  • Take a look at our FAQ - Lots lots of basic questions are answered there.

  • Want to record but having trouble? Check this out.

  • Lots of questions have been asked and answered in the last 4 hours - and our forums have most of them.

  • Running Vista and having problems? Look here for help.

  • Getting a cannot connect error? ("Could not connect to the stream. Try checking the stream is up and that your proxy settings are correct". Take a look at this.

Still need support? Then please fill out a support request and we'll get back to you soon.

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