V2.11- Change Log (2/20/05)

The version 2.11 has a couple of minor fixes from 2.10:

  • Better link detection on User Recommendation page (can now take a direct URL)
  • "Force Podcast" checkbox now works on main screen - mainly used for User Recommendations. 
  • "Max K" on Premium screen (used to skip some commercials) is now really in K, not bytes.

The version 2.10 release contains a lot of changes.  Here are the highlights:

  • Max number of simultaneous streams that can be ripped in the registered version is now 600.
  • StationRipper can now record Podcasts.  Take a look at this for more info.
  • A full-size window (that you can maximize and re-size) of what's ripping can now be seen by pressing the "Enlarge" button next to recording stations.
  • User recommendations can now be posted - have a Station that you like? Post it and others can record from it.