V2.05 - Change Log (11/11/04)

This is a minor release of StationRipperTM, with a small fix for a bug found in 2.04.  Upgrading is recommended for all users.

  • More fixes for filename problems.
  • Fixed Import of MP3 files.
  • Option to increment song names.

Summary of changes since 2.0:

  • "File Splitting" added to Right-click on stations.  You can change the split point by the # of seconds (so if the track changes 5 seconds after the title changes, enter "5" for seconds and "after" for when).
  • New Advanced Option added, "Invalid Character Rules".  For new users and users with small previously recorded libraries by StationRipperTM , it is recommended that you select "Use New invalid character rules".  This will replace invalid characters in file and station names with a dash (-), and support multibyte.  If you uncheck this, the "old" rules will be used (non-multibyte and invalid characters will be removed with no replacement).  OLD users with large libraries November want to use un-select this option so StationRipper won't record music you've already got.  The default for this option is to use the new rules. ONLY SELECT CHECKED OR UNCHECKED. Changing this option will result in the same music being recorded twice to your library, with slightly different names.
  • Bug fixed in how stations are removed.  Will now  only remove the selected station(s) when remove is clicked from  pop-up.
  • Show size of songs in MyMusic (NOTE: Will only work from any songs recorded forward.  Import sizes will be in the next release).
  • Some minor GUI fixes.
  • Stop the "browser running" icon from running forever when an external window is launched.
  • New option to Show/Not show animated tray icon.
  • Improved Version information screen
  • Improved File Splitting (it will now figure out the "Silence" window based on the # of seconds you enter).
  • Another fix for files not getting moved.
  • Fix for version system.
  • File names were getting "mp3.mp3" on the end - this version fixes that.