Screen shots for Version 2.33

Download V2.33 here.  StationRipper can record Shoutcast radio broadcasts, saving each song as an individual MP3 file (naming it with the band name and song name).  Broadband connections can download 3k+ songs a day (shots here were of 50 stations being recorded for 3.5 hours - with over 2k songs downloaded). 

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Click on any picture below for a full size screenshot.

The new version of will download album art for you - saving the art with the MP3.


You can get information about the song you're playing, and buy the CD from Amazon.  You can also look at what others are recording - and start recording other stations with a single click.


You can also search for songs and bands - we track what some stations are playing, and can let you know the last time a song or band was played on any station.


We first list what we find by the # of plays a station has made - so the stations that play the song or band most show up first.


We then list all the stations that played the song or band, starting with the last station that played it.  You can start recording the station with a single click.


The numbers shown in these screenshots are
from recoding 50 stations for 3.5 hours.